Teaching Conversational English With American Family

Thursday, 14 December, 2017  16:35
MAKATI CITY, Metro Manila


Teaching Conversational English With American Family - We are a family operated business from San Francisco Bay Area, California. My wife and I have two teenage daughters who are also teachers in our business. We have had the opportunity to live in Silicon Valley around many successful companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Stanford University. Living in the Bay Area has also given us the experience of working with many cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. | | | We are a Skype based conversational English teaching company. We want to help you improve your speaking abilities by increasing your vocabulary and pronunciation. We offer a 20 minute conversational course for $9.00 or a 50 minute conversational course for $18.00. As a student, you can pick a topic of your interest that we will discuss. As a teacher, we will strive to directly correct your pronunciation throughout this conversation. This is called free speech or conversational English which will help build your confidence in speaking fluent English with ease, in a relaxed environment. | | | We accept payment through PayPal with or without an account. | | Please visit our website www.talkandteach.net


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